Meet Jody Stein


-Welcome to Trove Florals. Founded by Jody Stein, Trove specializes in curating boxes, a grand variety of arrangements and installations of nature’s finest preserved elements. Jody’s love affair with flowers dates back to her childhood in South Africa, where she spent her summers in Cape Town surrounded by lush landscapes on the South Atlantic Ocean. As her love affair continued to blossom, she later realized her passion for the avant-garde but could no longer justify accenting her home in eccentric arrangements that only lasted a week.
Hence the birth of the Trove. 


Leave it to Trove to help you amplify your space, enhance your coffee table or gift the perfect present. Trove’s arrangements are all curated and inspired by the human treasures Jody holds close to her heart. If you too see your loved ones in color, let us design a custom arrangement for you! We are here to bring life to your living room, even though the contents we use are already dead.